Friday, March 20, 2020

Which Is The Best Internet browser?

Not everyone thinks about which internet browser to use. Most people will use the browser which comes pre-installed with their computer. But there are a few choices and some are definitely better than others. Internet user stats show Firefox is the most used browser with 42.8% of the market. The next most popular browser is Internet Explorer with 26.6% closely followed by Chrome at 23.8%. Safari currently only has 4% of the market whilst Opera has 2.5%.  A web browser is a program which will allow you to view web pages, movies, pictures and download content from the Internet. When your web browser works it can help you to have a great experience viewing the web, however sometimes it can be slow and buggy. This makes downloading things and viewing web pages take a lot longer.

The best internet browser will be one which is quick, so you can be guaranteed fast page loading, doesn't crash, considers internet security and gets regular updates so as to keep up with the fast changing pace of web technology. All web browsers now come standard with tabbed browsing and an integrated search engine. Standard security features such as clear history and pop up blocker are present on all browsers. They all work with Windows, Mac Android Users have much less choice.

The Mozilla Firefox browser meets all the requirements for an excellent web browsing experience. It is fast, and provides a secure environment in which to browse the Internet. There are lots of add-ons that make the browser more personal. Firefox is also very safe and will block you from visiting sites which it deems as harmful to your computer. Internet explorer is a well known browser. The latest release is full of features and is fast. It has much of the same features as Firefox but it is not open source which is the reason for less add-ons. It is the only browser which offers telephone support. It only supports Windows PCs so cannot be used on Mac computers.

The Google Chrome browser has fast become a popular web browser due to its speed. It is open source so there are plenty of great add-ons available. It is also a secure web browser with anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-phishing and private mode. Only Internet and Firefox have the same complete internet security features.

Safari is a fast browser from Apple. This browser support both Mac and Windows and concentrates on being light weight. Its border is only 1 pixel wide giving you more space to view web pages with. It has many top features but lacks the anti-phishing security feature the other top 4 internet browsers have. There are other web browsers available but their lack of features mean they have a small market share.


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